Message from the HoD

The transformation of Indian corporates from protectionism to privatization has opened up several challenges and opportunities for the upcoming managers. With Globalisation & liberalisation, Management Education has taken a more prominent role in the field of Business. At our Department of Management Sciences, the motto is, "We strive to train Future Managers and are committed to holistic development, grooming, promising youngsters of today into competent managers of tomorrow". Our total focus is on equipping our students with the necessary skills in competitive, intelligent corporate strategies and soft skills. Our task is very clear and everyone has been striving to train the students to meet the pace and dispel the ambiguity of the new global world. As one of the best Business Schools in this region, our responsibility has grown towards moulding young future managers who can function effectively in any role that might arise out of the Dynamic Business Environment. In an increasingly interdependent global economy driven by knowledge and technology, regular and continuous interaction among the industry and Business Schools is inevitable. Continuous interaction with industry and focus on research has benefited the faculty and the students with the new knowledge acquired in the process. Zeal for success and accepting initiatives for value addition to the Management Programme has yielded results in the overall improvement in the quality of Management Education. By providing excellent academic environment, intellectual capital, physical infrastructure, industry interface, placement and career oriented education are some of the important dimensions and uncompromising quality in moulding the students, Department of Management Sciences, RVR & JC CE has become the most preferred Business School in Acharya Nagarjuna University area.